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Fall&Winter of 2020/21

It’s March already – and we’ve only reported about our past months’ activities on FB! Here are some memories from the coldest time of the year in our little town of Dahab. 🙂

We wrote about the challenges of last year in our previous blog. Yet, challenges always bring new opportunities, and we grabbed one for sure: meeting the SNAP team, and planning regular TNR actions in Dahab and elsewhere in Sinai.

SNAP (Spay and Neuter Awareness Program) is an initiative by Cairo vets from Animal Medical Center. A group of SNAP vets visited Dahab in November 2020, when Animal Welfare Dahab was celebrating the 10th TNR anniversary. Co-organized by Dahab cats, this TNR action was focused on street cats. SNAP team did a great job and neutered 63 cats in 5 days.

Besides TNR actions, SNAP is carrying out the mass rabies vaccine campaign for strays in Egypt. During their visit, they vaccinated 99 street dogs of Dahab and neutered 19 of them.

The Fall TNR action was organized in cooperation with Dahab City Council and Dahab Governmental Veterinary Unit.

SNAP team will be visiting Sinai five (5) times in 2021, performing TNR actions not only in Dahab but hopefully also in Nuweiba, Abo Galoum, and St. Catherine. The first TNR action is planned for March, and we’ll be posting updates about it on our FB page.

As the trend of abandoned dogs in Dahab continues, we can’t count only on TNR actions with visiting vets to control the street dog population. Therefore, Dr. Amira neutered 74 dogs by the end of 2020, and 15 more this year.

Altogether 93 street dogs of Dahab have been neutered in 2020, and 29 more in the Wadi.

If you want to see, who struggled to stay alive – and made it … And which dog finally landed in Germany after more than a year of going from one Dahab foster home to another – check our FB. You’ll also find a bunch of amazing dogs for adoption in our photo albums! 🙂 We got over 10 dogs adopted in 2020, most of them in Egypt. Wadi dogs are not included in this count.

It’s been a busy 12 months for Horse Aid Dahab as well, with 7 horses and 3 donkeys rescued and re-homed. HAD has also provided food and medical assistance to struggling stables in Dahab and surrounding areas.

Thank you for caring, thank you for sharing, thank you for supporting our efforts to keep them safe, healthy, and happy!