Rescued Animals For Adoption

Would you like to have a dog or a cat? In our emergency shelter or with one of our fosters, we have the most sweet animals ever! Most of them we picked up from the streets: kittens and puppies unable to take care of themselves, the ones who have been treated badly and the ones who got hurt by an accident. 

Beside taking care of their health and well-being we make sure we gain their trust and teach them to trust humans (again). You will most likely be adopting a very loyal, sweet and playful pet!

If you are interested to adopt one of our cats or dogs, please contact us. We make sure that they are have the right vaccinations and papers to travel abroad.

Up for adoption

MISTY, 9 months
Strong and confident, but very friendly. A super athlete, can run chasing birds endlessly without tiring. 🙂

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HEIDI, 1 year&2months
Super friendly and affectionate, ready to shower you with kisses (big time!). Swims like an otter and loves to run!

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BINTY, 7 months
Lovely, sweet tempered. Not an alpha dog, but – still water runs deep. A highly intuitive dog and able to make great balance in a group/pack.

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Dog for Adoption: Rita


A super soft&friendly 1-year old girlie is looking for a family, who would give her a warm, safe and loving home.

She is vaccinated, sterilized and healthy.

Rita likes to ride in the car and is used to walking on a lead. Very peaceful character. Waiting to be adopted in Egypt! 🙂

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MOJO, 4 months

Although she is getting more and more cheerful her deep eyes and serious little face made us call her “The Philosopher”. Mojo is a super intelligent and sweet companion!

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BANOTI, 7 months

We found her in the middle of the hot summer – trying to beat the heat under an AC drip. Nevertheless, a happy face and a wiggling tail were on and they still are! A gentle and playful girl, our Banoti. 🙂

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GAYA, 8 months

She was found tied up by the electricity pole with her sister. We found them a home here pretty fast, but due to unforeseen circumstances both girls ended up in our little emergency shelter.

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MAYA, 8 months

Gaya’s sister 🙂 While Gaya tends to be more insecure and sometimes acting territorial, Maya is simply in love with life. And cuddling!

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