Our Work

TNR - Trap, Neuter & Return

Animal Welfare Dahab focuses on neutering stray dogs and cats in Dahab. The team of volunteers runs an ongoing programme of neuterings which are performed by the local vet, Amira Nabil.

At least twice a year, a TNR project (T-trap, N-neuter, R-return) is organized with either Egyptian and/or European vets participating. Every time this project runs, 40 to more than 100 cats and dogs have been neutered. The combination of both the regular – throughout the year neuterings – and the TNR projects makes it possible to neuter a large number of animals.

Especially during TNR projects the help of volunteers is very much needed. Help catching stray cats and dogs, helping out in the clinic and offering ones home for aftercare. As Animal Welfare Dahab doesn’t have a shelter, aftercare places are a necessity throughout the year.

See our TNR project in pictures