Emergency & First Aid


3 types of poison used in Dahab, sometimes in combination:

  • Strychnine
  • Rat poison (Warfarin)
  • Organophosphate

Only make the dog vomit if you see the dog actually eating something poisoned.
If you don’t see it or if the dog has convulsions don’t try to make it vomit because it can get into its lungs and cause pneumonia.

How to make a dog vomit:
give it salt water
or: put a little salt on its tongue, not too much, this can be dangerous for the dog
or: mustard


Symptoms (after 10-20 min)

  • convulsions
  • big eye pupils
  • shivers and release

Treatment for dog 20 kg

  • valium/diazepam (rectal: 1 ampoule in syringe without a needle, 0.5 ampoule after 10 min, and another 0.5 ampoule after 10 min
  • Disolve activated charcoal (pills or powder) in 10 or 20 ml water and squeeze it into the mouth with a big syringe. Don’t do it when the dog is convulsing.
  • Bring the dog to a dark, quiet, cool place (room), switch off the doorbell. Any sudden sounds trigger convulsions, don’t speak loud. Slow and calm movements.
  • Important: DON’T use athropine (it speeds up the heart rate)



  • bleeding from mouth and nose
  • blood spotting in whites of eyes and/or inside lips

Treatment for dog 20 kg
Vitamin K
5 ampules in different places under skin. You
can use the same syringe.
After that: 2 ampules every 12 hrs for 5 days.

When a dog survived Warfarin poisoning keep it calm for a couple of days, don’t let it run because it can cause bleeding in the joints.



  • difficult breathing
  • a lot of saliva
  • small eye pupils

1 ampule atropine under the skin or in the muscle.
Dissolve activated charcoal (pills or powder)
in 10 or 20 ml water and squeeze it into in the mouth with a big syringe.

First Aid Cats

Symptoms of poisoned cats are the same as with dogs.

See treatment for dogs, and take ¼ of described doses.

Get the dog or cat as fast as possible to a vet for further treatment.

Dahab vets contacts and opening hours:
Facebook Group Dahab Vets