Be a Remote Animal Rescuer

Your donation helps us helping the streetdogs and cats in Dahab to get a better life!

Would you like to support a specific dog or cat but you don’t have any options to take him or her into your house? Become a Remote Rescuer!

You can choose any of the dogs or cats that stay in our emergency shelter, or with one of our fosters in Dahab.

A remote dog adoption: € 15 per month
A remote cat adoption: € 7 per month

Your donation covers the monthly food&water expenses and one-time expenses: basic veterinary care (vaccination, deworming and tick medicine) and essential equipment (bowls, leashes and collars).

You are always welcome to donate a smaller amount and cover at least the food expenses. 

Payments can be done easily by Paypal recurring payments.

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Shop to Help the Stray animals of Dahab

People living in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany can also make a purchase in the webshop of Stichting Zwerfdieren in Dahab. Your purchase benefits our work to help the stray animals in Dahab.
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