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AWD – Winter 2019/2020

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Time flies! This winter seemed to be all about the wind of change for us.

Due to another successful TNR auction we were planning to have three TNR initiatives with hosting volunteer vets in 2020 – and the winter one got cancelled last minute. As we need to continue sterilizing the street cat&dog population, we kept Dr. Amira pretty busy. Fortunately, visiting Belgium vets at least helped her with their precious knowledge and advice.

To give you an idea – a team of volunteer vets can spay/neuter up to 30 dogs in a few days, which is usually done by the local vet in 5 months. In 2019 we sterilized 99 street dogs (73 by Dr. Amira Nabil and 26 during one TNR initiative).

Besides the regular TNR, we helped out with some bad injury cases – mr. Odin being just one of them.

Two dogs traveled to the greener pastures – well, and snow. 😀 Say hi to Cleo in Canada and Rita in Germany!

One of the elderly members of Dahab street dog community crossed the rainbow bridge. Luckily he spent his last days in a warm, loving home. Mr. Eyebrows.

In February, we joined the Eco Dahab initiative with a workshop on dog body language. Soon Michael Naef, a dog trainer from Switzerland, came to visit Dahab and shared his knowledge about the dog and human relation. We also did quite some practical work with our most loyal companions, and were thrilled by how responsive dogs are, when we ask them to follow our guidance in a respectful, calm and clear way.

Hopefully Michael comes back soon, and our learning adventures continue.

We’ll make sure to keep you posted about our everyday missions on FB. Thank you for your support – we could never have done it without you!