Horse Aid Dahab

Horse Aid Dahab (HAD) is an informal group of horse and animal lovers operating under the banner of Animal Welfare Dahab (AWD). HAD has been helping when difficult situations have arisen concerning horse welfare in Dahab, South Sinai, Egypt. The group currently operates to raise funds, offer advice and support when relevant to any horse owners in Dahab. It is not envisaged that HAD offer any physical rescue services that would entail actually taking any physical management of horses although those services might be offered sometime in the future.

HAD definitely aims to solve problems rather than allow owners to continue when there is little hope of change. Essentially our campaigns revolve around sourcing and purchasing food for the horses, medical supplies, finding new suitable owners or sponsors and latterly castration of stallions which is a new and possibly ongoing campaign.

HAD announces special campaigns for individual horses or stables as needed, so it is not continually raising funds, although any are gratefully received. For anyone wanting to contact HAD direct the best medium is through our Facebook page: Horse Aid Dahab. There are contacts there for receiving funds and answering queries.
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Tango, one of the rescued horses

This is Tango another Rescue Horse that is now in tip top condition after lots of TLC, a good diet, proper exercise and care. She is a great example of what can be achieved. Once a former skin & bone horse – now a beautiful horse happy and back to full health.

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