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The TNR-project of 2017

In 2017, the neutering of the animals has been taken place in the Open Ocean Science Center.

The neutered animals have been taken to the Blue Beach Stables for after care.

The TNR project (Trap, Neuter, Return) 2017 has been held
from 2 up to 7 May.

Animal Welfare Dahab, the vets from the United Kingdom (Cogges Veterinary Surgery) and volunteers worked together to get as many as possible stray cats and dogs neutered.
The Blue Beach Club made it possible to have the Blue Beach Stables as the place to take care of the animals after the surgery.


Animal Welfare Dahab works together with the following partners to help the strays of Dahab as best as possible:

Stichting Zwerfdieren in Dahab
The Dutch organization Stichting Zwerfdieren in Dahab is supporting Animal Welfare Dahab by raising funds and providing the necessary tools and equipment.

Dahab Veterinary Clinic
The local veterinarian, Dr Amira, is indispensable for Animal Welfare Dahab: neutering, vaccinating and treating wounded and sick stray animals on almost weekly basis.

Cogges Veterinary Surgery
Since 2014 Cogges Veterinary Surgery has been supporting Animal Welfare Dahab by sending a vet team to perform TNR projects once or twice a year. They also support Animal Welfare Dahab with funding, equipment, medication and necessary advices.

Horse Aid Dahab
Horse Aid Dahab (formerly Dahab Horse Initiative) is a small charity now operating under the established group of Animal Welfare Dahab, an official charity registered to operate in Egypt. Read more about Horse Aid Dahab [...].

Egyptian NGO ESMA (Egyptian Society for Mercy to Animals)
Animal Welfare Dahab is affiliated with the Egyptian NGO ESMA (Egyptian Society for Mercy to Animals).


Our work is made possible by donations and funding. The Animal Welfare Dahab donation boxes are to be found in the following shops, diving centers, restaurants and hotels in Dahab:

donationbox AWD
  • Amira Nabil Vet Clinic, Asala square
  • Carm Inn Restaurant, Masbat
  • German Bakery, Asala
  • H2O Dive Center, Masbat
  • Ibrahim the Tailor, El Fanar Road
  • Nesima Resort, Mashraba
  • Sea Dancer/ Meridian Hotel, Dahab City
  • Nefisa, Asala
  • CoWorkersInn, Blue Beach, Masbat
  • Christina Hotel, Mashraba
  • Le Chat Noir Cafe, Masbat beach

Your donation helps us helping the streetdogs and cats in Dahab to get a better life!

With your contribution we are able to save more street dogs and cats and give them a worthy existence by performing TNR projects [read more], give the animals the necessary vaccinations, surgeries and health care, and provide education about animal care to the local inhabitants. By making a (monthly donation, you’ll be helping not just one stray dog or cat, but tens of animals in Dahab. Your contribution, either large or small is very welcome!

Name bank: ING Bank
IBAN: NL17 INGB 000 752 1385
Account name: “Stichting Zwerfdieren in Dahab”
Place: Soest, The Netherlands

For your donation in EUR (€):

For your donation in USD ($):

People living in the Benelux and Germany can also make a purchase in the webshop of Stichting Zwerfdieren in Dahab. Your purchase benefits our work to help the stray animals in Dahab.

TNR 2017

Animal Welfare Dahab is very happy to use the Blue Beach Stables for the after care of the neutered strays. Thank you for making it happen, Blue Beach Club!