Who are we?

Animal Welfare Dahab is a small nonprofit organization that aims to improve the lives of animals in Dahab. Animal Welfare Dahab is entirely run by volunteers and led by Karin Bavinck and Anne in their spare time, working closely with the Dahab vet, Dr. Amira Nabil.

How did Animal Welfare Dahab start?

In early October 2010 an Egyptian animal rights organization based in Cairo came to Dahab to conduct a TNR project (Trap, Neuter, Return). 58 stray animals were neutered (sterilized). Valesca Fordham and Britta Steiner supported this project by organizing the daily routines and assisting during the surgeries. It quickly became clear that the overpopulation of street animals in Dahab cannot be fought by sporadic neutering projects only. The nonprofit organization Animal Welfare Dahab was born and rapidly got encouragement and support from Dahabians and tourists.

What does Animal Welfare Dahab try to achieve?

Anyone who has visited Dahab has a story of hungry kittens, or a bedraggled puppy that they made friends with or were accosted by. The life of these stray cats and dogs in Dahab is extremely tough. Not only is it a struggle to find food, but also many of the local population do not like dogs in their vicinity for various reasons. As elsewhere in Egypt, Dahabโ€™s population of street animals is quite high. Until 2014 it was custom to poison or shoot these animals in order to try to control the population. Since 2014 the City Council has stopped all poisonings and is supporting Animal Welfare Dahab and its method of controlling the street animal population.

Animal Welfare Dahab relies on an animal friendly long-term solution by neutering animals on an ongoing basis in order to keep the street animal population under control.


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